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Lynda McLauren
Class Year: 1974
Residing In: Jacksonville, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: Jim my spouse and my BFF
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Occupation: Radiation Oncology in Gamma Knife at St.Vincent's
Children: Eric is 30 has his of Law Firm in Az. He is the father of our one an only grand child
Then after More…8 years of trying to have another baby and numerous adoption attempts, we came across an 8 yr. old boy name Scott with A.D.D.H.D. As if my life was not already exciting enough. He laughs now and says had you known I was weird and different you may not have volunteered to take me. He has actually turned out to be a fine young man I am very proud of. He went from F's to earning 100% bright futures. He is also in Law School here. It will take him longer because he is working a full-time job. He lives near Jax. Beach where he can surfs as much as he wants.
Last but not least is Jameson A.D.D.H.D. was a piece of cake. Except for the one time I told Scott to watch Jameson while I got the camera.
I wanted to take Jameson's picture on the trampoline. The camera was less than 20 feet away. As I raised the camera up to my face Scott
had climbed up in a nearby tree. He jumped out of the tree on to the trampoline. Catapulting my 18 month old son 2 stories up. Jameson looks like an unidentified missile launched. I said "O God." I couldn't get the word 'help' out. When Jameson landed in the same spot about 15 times before coming to a stop, he looked up in the tree at what Scott had done and said "Do it again brother." That is one of many exciting adventures we had.
Jameson is a cyclone in his own right. At 4 years
old we were traveling in an R.V. with another couple and their children. How crazy, right!
We were parked on a terraced hill that went up about 3 stores high above the R.V. Jameson and my friends 5 year old decided to go exploring. The men were supposed to be watching the kids while we cooked. I heard my husband say "O God aand the sound of a herd running. It was my husband and my friends spouse trying to catch a run away tricycle.
He flew past both men and ended up face first on the side of a Jeep. The indention was the perfect
face of a little boy that looked like a perfect angel.
He did not break his nose, it did not even bleed. The only bruises was both upper arms like hand prints. He did not even cry until we were all screaming out of pure fright. The truck was parked there for when the owner came for the summer. They had not arrived yet. So I left a note that went something like this. "My little boys face is on the side of your truck, so call me when you want us to get the repairs done." Some people make money by seeing the Virgin Mary on cheese toast, wonder if that made any money? We never heard anything from it.
Jameson has been a clown from the start. At age 2, we took him to his brothers karate classes. Found out at midnight he had kicked the slats out of his crib, using the same moves and grunts his brothers used.
He was born at 7 months. His lungs were not developed and the hospital had waited too long
to use the surfactant. The head neonatologist said if we leave him on the vent, his lungs will begin to develop holes. If we take him off he will die!!! Make up your mind what you want us to do? I turned Jameson over to the Lord! I asked Him please not take him, but I would understand if he did. We had lost a little girl we were adopting, in Feb 1991 after nine months. I called my Pastor Harold Hudson and asked him to pray. He had the church to join hands and pray. The Doctor came in he said we are doing one more test, then you must decide. My best friend came in the room. She said Lynda, God's going to do a miracle. She told me she felt the spirit come down in that service as people were praying for a little baby named Jameson. The Doctor came back in. He said we don't understand it, but he has extubated himself off the ventilator and he is breathing just fine. We were told that he would be blind and deaf because the extreme pressure of the vent etc.. After going through Nemours and Shands, nothing was done except the hand of God took care of it all.
He's not perfect. He is a cyclone. Just recently put my Impala through our church building while showing off. Thank God he was not killed. He was a quarter of an inch from hitting a steel beam or decapitating himself and his girlfriend. Right before the crash I was praying for the oldest son
because he was driving back to Virginia, when God kept putting Jameson in my thoughts. I prayed for Jameson because I believe when God lays someone on your heart there is a reason. Sure enough there was!! I keep telling Jameson God is going to use Him if he doesn't mess it up. I just hope I'm around to see it.
He wants to be a Psychologist, I think I will be his first patient!!! He is now 22 and in the Air National Guard he will be heading to fort Hood In August.
Military Service: Spouse Retired Navy  
Yes! Attending Reunion

After graduation I went to Tennessee Temple,
since they would only allow those Nurses that felt
a call to the mission-field into their program, I
came back to Jacksonville to finish school. I was engaged to a guy I had known since I was 14. Time has a way of showing you what is real and what was infatuation. I have my father to think for this. He said if I would finish one year of college before I got married then he would pay for me to finish. That year was achanging point in my life, one i will always be greatful for. I moved to Pinehurst, North Caroline to be near family. Then I came back for a visit here in 1980. While at my mother's house, I was relaxing. I had just showered and was in curlers and bathrobe. Unknowin to me, my Mom had let my future husband in the door with a friend of mine, that had come to borrow some sheet music. He left for deployment for 6 months. When I came back home to live we got stuck on the same bus route for the church we attended. We were just friends. Then I went to Norway to visit my
cousins. Before I got to Atlanta I was already missing Jim. I was going to go stay for a month had we not met. It was the longest 2 weeks of my life. We were married 5 months later. He got out of the Navy only to go back in and we spent 10 years in the service. He has been my best-friend for 28 years.
We had our honeymoon in Gatlinburg. He went in the wrong rental property, the door was open and he went in. I felt an unusual need to pray. I prayed for Jim out loud and with much furver. He came back to the car. It was like the bedtime story the 3 Bears. He said someone is sleeping in our bed!!!!! Oh He was furious. He had shone a light in every room and no-one woke up. He was in someones home!!!!! Well that is the truth and there is way more. Our lives together have never been boring. Anything but, it's always something going on.
I've tried to be productive I have got into many
different types of business. One was auctions.
I bought 25 desk. I thought they were like school desks. So I figured I could borrow a truck to move them. When I went to pick them up with my little Tonka Truck the man laughed. He said lady you will need a Large Semi. These things weigh about 150lbs a piece. You know that just blessed my socks off. Don't you know!
All this for only $35 not counting the Semi!!!!
I guess the hair color got a little too close to the Neurons!!!
We've been on several cruises to the Behamas and Mexico. We've been over the southeast in an R.V. We were lay missionaries to Brazil. I was part of a play that aired on Brazilian T.V.. We saw 3,500 people come to Christ. I was treated like a celebrity, being so fair skinned compared to the
Brazians. They kept wanting my autograph. I told them I am no-one that I am just like them, but that did not fly. I got an oversized tee shirt and every time some one wanted my autograph I
got them to sign my shirt. I had even more followers every where I went. I was in the poorest place I had ever been, but I felt rich by the love and generosity of the Brazilian people.
MY husband went with me. He helped build a church in the outlying area. Our oldest son helped start a basketball team as a means of witnessing.
As a family we love snow skiing and mountain
climbing and fishing. Horseback riding, gardening. board games, pool, and aggravating each other.
Jameson loves skateboarding comes off staircases on his board. Eric loves rapelling down the side of a mountain.
I am currently becoming involved with parish nursing. I've also become a political advocate, helping with preventing abortion, encouraging adoption.
We went to Hawaii for our 25th wedding anniversary, it was a dream come true.
When I finally retire from nursing I will be a
party planner if the economy picks up. It's a
hobby I enjoy. I especially like planning for people that are turning 40 or 50. If I know them I make up songs and skits etc..

School Story:

In the Christmas play, my hair turned pencil gray.
One of my friends that was a beautician decided to take the gold out of my hair, because chlorine can give blonde hair a brassy look, she used the wrong thing and it turned gun metal gray.
I was playing a young girl singing a Christmas Carole. I looked like Whistler's Mother instead.
The only time I wore black hose was this particular day and the desk had a chip out of it. That chip caught my hose and one leg unraveled. Before I could get to the bathroom I had one hoseless, very fluorescent white leg and the other one black.

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